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‘Parivartan’ Training Center

Parivartan Training Center

A significant effort at capacity building for the Door Step School Foundation team has always been incorporated into the organization’s work. The Door Step School Foundation Training Center in Pune formally started in late 1999 and became known as the Parivartan Training Center.

Most of our project members come from the communities we work with and have humble backgrounds. It’s imperative to build their skills so that they can work with the community to their best. Noble intentions need a strong foundation of skills and capability to reach the goals. And the training center aims to build this foundation for the team.

We have been working with the broader community for more than three decades now. And a lot has changed in these years – the availability of resources and access to them, ways we teach and ways the children learn, classroom learning to digital learning. The context changed and so the means /resources to solve underlying problems had to be adopted. And we are proud to say that our training center took this challenge head-on and evolved to meet the new needs. They built their own capacity and developed different training modules and programs.

The training center aims to –

  • Provide training to the different DSS project teams across levels to develop necessary skills to meet their project objectives.
  • To train other organizations working in the field of education as per their need and requirements.
  • Upskill and reskill the trainers to make sure we can stay current with the changing environment.
  • Build the capacity of the organization to be able to achieve organizational goals.

The training center undertakes different activities and follows a training calendar round the year. They focus on holistic development of our team and apart from project related training, work with the project teams on their self-development, digital upskilling, financial literacy to name a few.

Parivartan publisehs a quarterly magazine to uprise of the work that’s happening. The center holds an exhibition centered around a particular theme every year, open to everyone. We showcase different tools developed by our team and our relevant project work in this exhibition.

Our efforts and practical training are evident in how our teachers engage with children, and other institutions have taken notice. Since its inception, the Parivartan training center has been recognized as an excellent source training and capacity building of teachers and field management staff in the NGO network in Pune and among Pune Municipal School authorities. We continue to share our expertise with them through regular training sessions to help them build their capacity.

As Mr. Harish Phadke, Unit Head,Networking and Nurturing Project, pointed out that the training sessions provide confidence to teachers. They feel that “Jaisa bhi bachcha aye, hum use achche se padha sakte hai!” Moreover, it also provides a platform for women to learn new skills, pursue a career, and increase their confidence and social status as a by-product of the core goals of the center.

Mrs. Sushma Ranawade,Area Coordinator Parivartan Training Center, recalls: “Many of us were only 10th or 12th pass when we started teaching. But the training we receive motivates us to try out our ideas and activities, and further our education. Many of us have completed our Master’s, growing with the organisation as supervisors and co-coordinators.”

In the end, these teachers’ smiles convey more. We are motivated by their gratefulness and pride to keep striving for multifaceted Parivartan.  

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